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Living off the Grid: 15 Outstanding House Ideas For Living off the Grid

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The World has changed drastically in the past few decades, of this we are sure.  Car travel has changed to necessity from luxury, books have been replaced with electronics and distance communication has become instantaneous. Never before in human history have ordinary everyday people, not just leaders, been in the spotlight. Any alternatives are few and far between in this never ending march to connectivity.

For those seeking a break from the rat race, an amputation from the modern march of the world is often necessary. Cast off your shackles and relax into your new life of surviving on your wits and senses! You may wish to remove yourself from a part or all of modern life, you may find yourself exiled from the everyday due to illness or catastrophe or simply find your current neighborhood so tough to handle that you are going to go out of your mind if you don’t find a change, a new way of living.

Living off the Grid includes 15 outstanding survival ideas for living off the grid! Taking you from your first night in a jungle, all alone, to dealing with the anxiety of absolute personal isolation, for the rest of your life, living off the grid will explore every facet of being on your own, off the grid.

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