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How to Crochet: Master the Crochet with Simple Methods and Easy to Follow Stitches and Tricks

Length: 36 pages19 minutes


Have you tried to find your way around developing your skills in crocheting and you are finding it difficult or you have probably not decided on adopting Crocheting as a skill.  Whichever category you belong, here is the book you need. This book will definitely help you make up your mind.  It is a comprehensive step-by-step guide that has been put together just for beginners.  It is a great compilation for those who would like to learn this lovely skill.  It provides a comprehensive step-by-step tutorial and guide into the process of developing this remarkable skill.  For some people, they have so far been intimidated by the complex nature of the beautifully woven designs that they have seen made by top class designers. With this book, complex stitches and patterns are easily understood and learnt. The procedures in this book are easy to follow with the great simplicity adopted. I will be taking you through every little detail that will help your learning process and at your own pace. You have your personal teacher and instructor at your every beck and call. Here are a few things you will learn after reading this book. 

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