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Suffolk: Strange But True

Length: 255 pages2 hours


An intriguing alternate history, thisguide to the countyillustrates and describes people, places, and incidents that are unusual, odd, or extraordinary. We discover the truth about "the fasting woman of Shottisham," who was alleged not to have eaten for three months; the "tithe war" of the 1930s, when some farmers were reduced to selling their tractors for sixpence; unusual entrepreneurs, misers, and witches, and also the tales behind a number of the county's deserted towns and villages. Local folklore and legend are also examined—to show how real events have been exaggerated and embroidered over the years. Using a range of illustrations, from old and recent photographs to maps, prints, paintings, and engravings, Robert Halliday tells an entertaining story—an alternative history of Suffolk that will fascinate residents and visitors alike.

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