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One Day Crochet: An Amazing Crochet Manual That Will Teach You How You Can Make Amazing Bags

72 pages29 minutes


Crochet is a handicraft which has existed since the sixteenth century. Originally used to create intricate lace patterns, the art has expanded to become a craft that can help enthusiastic hobbyists create everything from children's toys to household decorations to winter wear and more. It is an affordable and fun way to create unique projects that reflect your personality and to learn a new skill.

This book covers the basics of crochet from explaining the most common terminology and abbreviations that will be seen in patterns and tutorials to giving step-by-step guides on how to perform the most basic stitches. It explains how to start and end a chain, change colors, add extra decorations to a project and even includes a tutorial for how to create your own first crochet purse project using what you have learned.
This book is an essential resource for anybody just getting started in crochet who is interested in finding out where to begin and who is ready to learn the first steps of crochet.

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