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The Persephane Pendrake Chronicles-Three-Lapis Draconis (The Persephane Pendrake. Chronicles)

Length: 295 pages4 hours


A Powerful Magical Stone - Embedded In The Tooth Of A Fire Dragon

Trapped In Another Multiverse

Starting At The Magical, Supernatural Academy -The Illuminary Incantorium

Persephane, Thaddeus, Rix, Sniv and Darson are on the trail of the third Magical Object - The Lapis Draconis. The malicious Melanthios is calling up Demon help to capture the stone before they do. And death. Death comes too soon to one of them. Who?

The fast-paced, no-holds-barred quest continues in Book 3 - Lapis Draconis.

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Excerpt From Lapis Draconis - Chapter 22 - Carnifex's Box

Hayden sighed. "Oh, for cripes sake. Just do it already." Persy glanced at her, turned and faced the sigil, put her hand on the middle ring and shoved.

A grinding, crunching noise started behind them. They all jumped and turned. Dust and grit was falling from the wall, and slowly a door became apparent, one side coming out toward the path and one falling into the wall. The door was on a centre support and laboriously turned a full one-eighty so they could see another corridor.

"Well, then," said Persy. "Our next move, I'd say. Right?"

"Lead on, McDuff," said Thad. "We've come this far."

They entered the new pathway and checked out the walls.

"Well, this is interesting," said Hayden, her head switching from side to side. Persy followed her lead. "Indeed. Six doors on each side, each with a moon over it."

"Yeah," said Darson. "And each with a different animal sign on it's door, why's that?"

"Dunno," said Thad.

Sniv stepped up and looked more closely at the doors. "These are the animals of the Chinese Zodiac or Sheng Xiao, and are based on a twelve year cycle. You've heard 'this is the year of the tiger or rabbit' and so on? That's what people are referring to. It's going to be important here."

"Ok. Right." Persy glanced at the walls beside the doors and ran her hand along them. "Look at these indents. Must be a hundred of them. There's something quite pointy in each." Thad, Sniv and Darson looked into one close to each of them.

Sniv sighed. "Spears. This hallway is booby-trapped. If we get this wrong, those will probably will be released. It's common in Asia, in the protection of some sort of treasure."

"Common in the West, too," added Hayden. "I remember one of my Nan's books going into all kinds of traps and dangers set up to protect important artifacts. Some are just plain lethal, like this one seems to be."
Rix's eyes widened and her face flushed. This was not good.

"So we have to choose the correct door, or we're shish kabobs?" asked Hayden.

Sniv nodded solemnly.

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