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Off Grid Living: 23 Techniques With Step-By-Step Instructions on How to Live Off-the-Grid and Survive in the Wild

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What are the odds you could fend for yourself without the basic modern convenience of electric power?

Proponents of survival skills often seek to do without electricity or other utilities knowing that in a crisis their service would be interrupted. And for many years that strategy seemed the smartest. But gradually technological advances have made it possible to provide our own sources of power, water purification and even connectivity to internet so you can maintain communications with others without relying on the ground based services that can be disrupted.

Going off grid is a means of liberating yourself from the shackles of the way services are delivered today. But more than that, it is the freedom of the limiting thought of our current way of life. It is the opportunity to ensure that you meet all your needs for survival and in doing so you ensure that you are fully in charge of your own life.

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