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The Countess Lends a Hand

227 pages2 hours


WANTED: Ladies’ maid seeks love with a lord. Is there any way besides subterfuge to gain his notice?

Meredith, the heroine of The Countess Takes a Lover, is determined to help her beloved maid Cecile Lambeaux have a fling with the man of her dreams, Sir Nathaniel Covington. Normally reserved Cecile has lost her heart to a man she’s watched from a distance. One glimpse of his kindness and his haunted demeanor and she’s willing to dare everything for even a brief affair. Meredith makes over Cecile and sets her on a collision course with her social better, not as a ladies’ maid but as a lady.

Nathaniel attends a house party in order to escape his sadness and meets a woman who touches him deeply. But as Cecile and Nathaniel’s connection grows, her deception threatens to destroy it. Will Cecile reveal the truth before Nathaniel finds out in other ways? Meanwhile, the countess and Chris work through their own trust issues and seek a new depth in their relationship.

This is a previously published book.

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