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The Nun Who Loved to Come

186 pages2 hours


Throughout her teenage years, Belinda saw more evil than good surrounding her in everyday life. Trust is something she could not find until she came across a young woman who invited her to a place where they made their own rules and covenants. This was no ordinary convent. For the eyes, cannot see what lies beneath words and pictures that seem so innocent at first. She soon finds that she has been deceived again—but this time she embraced the deceit wholeheartedly. She found herself in the comfort of other women—and it is there she discovered a safe haven where she learned to trust, believe, and even love. For the first time, Belinda's new life included a circle of friends who became not only her family but her lovers as well.

Clara was on a mission, and she wanted Belinda to experience something that she never had experienced before. She told Belinda she was going to unlock something deep inside her, and the key to this treasure was held in Clara's very hands.

Very entertaining, sexy fun, leaving you on the edge until the end. Packed full of sex scenes like no other. Move over Mr. Grey.

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