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Snow Island: Chronicles of a Wererabbit

347 pages4 hours


A mysterious island with a dark secret...
Vampires, werewolves, unicorns, pterodactyls, and other creatures from myth or brought back from extinction
A deadly monorail with an insanely cheery Artificial Intelligence tour guide that really doesn't like anyone who does not have a ticket...
A vampire queen with an evil plan
A fortune teller's frighteningly accurate prediction of death
And Snow the only rabbit shifter in the world, is about to face it all...

Set in the modern world where vampires and werewolves live side by side among humans, Chronicles of a Wererabbit is set to be a seven book YA Science Fiction/Fantasy series about a girl rabbit shifter and her journey to become a hero. Each book is another step on that journey. There is also an overarching story involving her father's evil vampire sister that spans the series.

The first two Snowball and Snow Bunny were published last year to great reviews. Snowball reached number one in the "Coming of age" category on Amazon on its debut.

Snow Island begins five months later with Snow, now 15, receiving an ominous prediction from a fortune teller. She travels to a mysterious island with Josh, her dads, her friend David (a werewolf who can't shift) and Charlene (a mouse) to find out what happened to the creatures and werewolves that have been disappearing.

Theme: Snow is looking outside of herself wondering about the big questions like does fate exist? Is destiny set or something that can be changed?

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