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Le Vernisseur (The Polisher)

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Colyn Chiriac is a French polisher - Le Vernisseur au tampon de Pont de Lyon - living in the small village of Pont de Lyon, west of Lyon. Chiriac’s marriage is essentially a marriage of convenience, a loveless marriage. He seeks romantic liaisons from suitable women in the village and when on his regular monthly buying trips to Lyon. It seems Chiriac has only one permanent companion, his black and white cat Mitzy. Many describe Chiriac as a womaniser, uncouth, a drunkard and a loner. It’s his love for his work that drives him.
However, everything changes when a potential customer calls Chiriac to request that he brings through a piece of furniture found by his wife. The arrival of M. Janté and Mme Fabienne Janté with La Secrétaire leads Chiriac on a journey of discovery that unravels long past mysteries, murder and deceit. As soon as Mme Janté entered the workshop Chiriac locked eyes with her.
Once he begins to work on La Secrétaire Mme Janté takes great interest in it and in Chiriac. A passionate, vibrant affair begins resulting from that first look. Chiriac cannot disclose the secrets of the piece of furniture he is restoring and polishing. He uncovers nineteenth century intrigues that threaten both him and Mme Janté. The secrets uncovered by Chiriac are profound and include his own link to the item he is polishing for Mme Fabienne Janté. Dark and dangerous pasts are revealed as are mysteries with life-changing consequences.
Set in modern France, this intriguing story traverses through the middle nineteenth and twentieth centuries.

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