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The Last Days of Play Play

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Comedy in the hour of chaos. Meet Benji, an aspiring comic book writer. He jeopardizes his last week before college by injuring the town bully, a popular football player. Further threatening escape from his impoverished neighborhood is Benji's train wreck of a mother. Enters a mysterious girl, an exotic femme fatale who fascinates the boy. Perhaps his protective older sister can counsel Benji through the complexities of summer love. Meanwhile, the hunt is on for the nerd who challenged the bully. Thugs pursue. Bounty hunters seek the geek. Will Benji's friends, a ragtag band of street fighters known as The Jump Out Boys, swoop in and save the day? Will Benji's hyper-creative mind warp the narrative itself into a living illustration of his beloved video game, anime, and comic book tropes? It's jocks versus thugs. It's rich versus poor. It's comedy versus common sense! Can you survive The Last Days of Play Play?

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