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Taken by the Dragon

26 pages23 minutes


The dragon is coming! Curvy village girl Cassie is excited to see something rare and special, even if he was going to eat the poor princess. What happens when he rejects the king's sacrifice and chooses Cassie instead. Well, she runs of course, but he's a dragon. Then he shifts into a man, and what a man. Talon offers her an escape from the drudgery of village life, and her initiation into that life rocks her world.

This is a short story with the happy ever after Cassie never knew she was looking for.

About the Author:
Cat Wilder has been writing SF and Fantasy under another pen name for years. For all of those years she wanted to really let it rip and tell some truly wild and wicked stories. The e-book revolution has given her the opportunity to tell her sexy stories. Cat is a lifelong Texan, from down around Houston, kind of Space Central for NASA. She's married with dogs.

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