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Changed into a Bimbo

36 pages22 minutes


Alex bets his friends Joey and Colt that he is going take the hot new girl in the club to bed. He is pretty confident, until she shoots him down pronto. Anger flares and he calls her a "dumb bimbo" before marching off.

Esmeralda doesn't appreciate that one bit. She chases the offensive man down and demands an apology. So Alex insults her even worse. Never piss off a witch.

Next thing Alex knows is he is Alexa, and a hot blonde every man in the club is drooling over. Then Colt and Joey started to stalk her, intent on that newest hot bimbo in the club. And for some reason, she's having a hard time saying no.

About the Author:
Carly Sweetin is the sweet girl next door, who has a secret. Her passion is no holds barred erotica. She loves to push the envelope with her fiction.

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