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Naero's Valor

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The Great War threatens to expand throughout the galaxy, at the same time that human exploration and colonization continue to explode in several sweeping directions. Naero, Khai, the Galactic Sentient Alliance, and their dauntless forces become spread dangerously thin. New terrible foes erupt in the Unknown Regions at the worst possible time.
Even Naero and Khai’s precious family come under near constant attack, with dire consequences. Their daughter Shetharra begins her Mystic training, astonishing even her parents. The continuing chaos and strife challenge and threaten all life.
The great foe strikes hard across several fronts, always quick to exploit any sign of weakness. All free sentients are forced to fight for their very lives. Through the fierce storm of Cosmic fire and battle, the line against slavery and obliteration is held by:

Naero’s Valor!

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