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Heather The Elementalist: Super Soldier

Length: 124 pages1 hour


Book 1 of 3

Post 2200 has the world in financial and economic ruin, caused by the top 1%. Ultra inflation has taken hold, everything costing four times as much.  Unless employed by a big company, life is hard.

 Heather’s life is one of those; a mercenary who lives month to month in New York, New York.  With no roomie to help absorb the rent, she’s been bleeding her bank account and savings to keep her home.

Things change though, when she meets Blake and Hailey. Blake is a world-renowned computer security specialist while Hailey is a mercenary just like Heather.  The only problem, Blake has blackmail on Heather.

Rated: R (violence, language, some nudity)

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