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Dead Men Don't Talk

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Los Angeles. In 2016, Lee Willie Bradshaw became an informant for the US government. While working as an accountant for mobster Pretty Boy Romano, he gave away millions of Romano’s dollars to charities: The Wounded Warriors Project and the ASPCA. The story catches fire and makes headlines across the country. Lee Bradshaw becomes the most famous rat in Organized history. His testimony slated for the government is assured to put Romano behind bars and to indict several Mafia heads. Romano is being indicted by a senate subcommittee and charged with racketeering, narcotics, illegal gambling, prositution, and murder. To protect him against mob retaliation Bradshaw is installed in the government’s Witness Protection program. His protection is assigned to Inspector Tom Farrow, Beverly Hill division. Bradshaw’s appearance before the subcommittee is scheduled for January 30, 2016, — one week from today. Romano goes after Bradshaw with a vengeance, shots fired, guns blazing! Can the Witness Protection agency be cracked?

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