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River of Fire

Length: 157 pages2 hours


Victoria cringed into the background. Shecouldn't believe her ears. Surely, they didn't mean her.
"Someone must have put it in there. I didn't do it. Billy, tellthem."
"Some time in the pokey; depend on how far ye want to carryit," Maples snuffed his heavy mustache, thoroughly enjoying herdiscomfort.
"What do you mean?" Fred asked.
"Well, if you want to go through the court trial, it could mean acouple of years in the penitentiary."
Victoria felt as if a giant hand was squeezing her heart.
"You oughta see what they do to nineteen-year-olds up there,"Maple said.
Hiseyes told Victoria more than she wanted to know.
A woman's voice spoke up.Victoria thought it was Mrs. Hayman but she could not be sure.
"If you ask me, we oughta use that whip on her!"
A roar of approval went up from the crowd.

As pastor of a small church in Apple Valley, Arkansas, Adam embraces the entire valley as his congregation. Friends and neighbors all respect him as a man of God. He is content to stay there laboring for the Lord for the rest of his life. Then he receives a telegram inviting him to become pastor of the most prestigious church in Chicago. At first Adam refuses the offer. Who will care for his widowed mother and his congregation? Finally, believing this is God'swill, he surrenders. But things are not as they seem. He accepts unaware he is playing into the hands of extortionists and murderers. On the train to Chicago,Adam meets and is smitten with 19-year-old Victoria Winters, whose first job as a schoolteacher has ended in disaster. Falsely accused of beating a student,she is fired, jailed and run out of town. Although instantly attracted to Adam,Victoria is not so sure. Can she trust this strange man from the hill country?Can he overcome her fears and win her heart?
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Reviewed by Emily-Jane Hills Orford for Readers' Favorite

Life can be very difficult, sometimes challenging not only one’s concept of what’s fair, but also one’s faith. Victoria grew up with her aunt in Chicago. Hoping for a better life than slaving as a seamstress, Victoria takes up teaching in a small town. Little did she know that she was being cheated and set up for ruination and more. Packed onto the train to Chicago, she returns home feeling disgraced.

Adam grew up in a small town. He worked with people as well as being a minister. When a friend recommends him for a job as pastor of a wealthy church in Chicago, he’s torn as to whether he should accept. Little does he know that his new role would challenge not only his faith, but also his life. Victoria and Adam meet by chance on the train to Chicago. Their lives continue to intertwine until fate brings them together for life. The bond that attracts them is tenuous at first, as, for differing reasons, the two wonder about the power of attraction that pulls them together. But there is a stronger bond from higher up with greater plans than just Victoria and Adam.

A classic love story? Perhaps. Darrell Case’s Christian romance novel, River of Fire, has a thrilling plot that leads the reader through a number of life-challenging scenarios. The characters are well developed, as is the plot for the most part. As the two main characters, Victoria and Adam, learn and struggle with their faith, their journey leads them through the mires of opposing forces of good and evil. A good read.

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