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UGS Constellation Box Set; Books 1-2 PLUS Bonus Novella: Genesis: A Prequel

Length: 924 pages15 hours


Discover the world of the UGS Constellation. Follow along as an elite team of interstellar special forces officers track down a rogue serial killer to Earth, where they discover intrigue, suspense, and love in the most unexpected places in this exclusive boxed set!

Get the first three books, including a bonus novella, for one discounted price!

Book One: Chasing Constellations. Elisa Jones is a young woman all alone, attempt to assist the police in tracking down the Zodiac Killer’s real identity, she discloses more than she thought she would. Commander “Chase” Ricter isn’t from Earth, and neither is her main suspect!

Book Two: Tracking the Hunter. After Elisa’s best friend Sandy is kidnapped, First Officer “Tracker” goes on a harrowing rescue mission. Crash landing in the wilds of Montana introduces him to Rex, a mountain recluse that has given up on society after the war. Together, they venture out to save the woman that will mean everything to them.

Book Three: Guarding Gemini. A spit-fire meter maid, with ambitions to become a police officer, Denise is given the chance to let herself shine as she contrives new ways with twin brothers Hawk and Raven, to capture Mestrock and his clones.

Genesis: A Prequel. What drove Mestrock to kill? Why does he enjoy it so much? Unearth the secrets that brought a good boy to his knees and turned him into the homicidal maniac he is today.

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