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The Geomancer I: Prima Materia

Length: 365 pages5 hours


Michael Evans, pro journalist - brash, witty, cynical - is the host of the popular Radio Two religious programme Finding Faith, a primetime broadcast airing balanced and rational debate on all subjects religious, mystical and supernatural - the programme promotes this, but Michael Evans doesn't.
Michael Evans is at war.
Aggressive investigations into church corruption... the discrediting of popular psychics... public humiliation of spiritual leaders... all in the name of his personal Crusade for Reason, and the elimination of superstition and dogma from society, one myth peddler at a time.
But in the benighted streets and subterranean depths of London, something is stirring... something most foul... something that will surge up from those depths and plunge Michael and his colleagues into undeniable, abject horror, and the terrifying realisations that will dawn upon them too late...
That when the haunting begins, belief has no meaning. That when the evil begins,
denial has no purpose. That when the dying begins, reason gives no comfort.
And when the Faceless rise and stalk across the city, there is nowhere to run.
The Geomancer I: Prima Materia is an Occult Noir novel by Lewis L Mason. Set in contemporary London, this thrilling and disturbing story of a vocal atheist's descent into madness and terror blends elements of gritty realism, wry urbanity, neo-noir intrigue and occult horror. Written with a strong Weird Tales aesthetic and developed in a contemporary setting, the prose is well-paced, with strong characterisation.

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