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New Penny

Length: 278 pages4 hours


What happens when the ties that bind lives together start to unravel, threatening to tear down everything Penelope once knew and loved? Can a passion stronger than Penelope ever felt before be enough to help her let go of her past, and believe once again in the power of love?

Dealing with the pressures from a divorce and a pushy mother, Penelope crosses the country in search of a happier place. What she didn’t expect to find between the open roads and desert hills, is a path to rediscovery...and two men that are completely different, but equally complicated. She wanted a summer to escape from her past, but what she didn’t expect is that her past would find her-challenging everything she believes, everyone she cares for, and everything she wants. Forcing her to face the toughest question of all - what is she willing to risk to take a chance on love?

Easton and Ford were not looking for anything more, cowboy hats and motorcycles always felt like freedom for the two brothers, until a new girl came into town. What are they willing to lose to fight for a girl who won’t stay out of trouble, with a vulnerability to her smile that they can’t seem to ignore? With more than her safety at stake, Penelope will have to learn to trust, but will one of the brothers be able to tame her wild heart in time?

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