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Graduation Present

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“Okay, I presume that you want to go and check out the Bunny Patch first. If it works out, you can then involve the local girls. When do you plan to try?”
Linda says, “Next Friday night. You'll have a couple of new girls in the gym, working on toning exercises and then the advanced aerobic classes. I'll drive down to the gym, pick you up and we sneak off to the Bunny Ranch.”
“What do I need to wear?”
Linda lectures, “You gotta have a jacket. They won't let you in, unless you have a jacket. Then slacks. Any kind of shirt is okay.”
“I don't have a jacket. I couldn't even go to the high school graduation ceremony, 'cause I didn't have a jacket. I can get one at the Goodwill, if it doesn't have to fit.”
Linda asks, “How much?”
I say, “Maybe five bucks. Not stylish, but it's a jacket.”
Linda says, “Okay, here's $5. Get a jacket and I'll pick you up Friday.”
School's out and I work pretty much full time at the gym. Well, I do take a couple of summer school classes at the local JC. I hope to recruit a couple of new girls for my gym workouts. I also manage to get by the Goodwill store and I find that have a choice. I can get a fairly good looking jacket that fits okay, as long as I don't try to button it or a fat man's jacket that looks ugly, but I can button it. I choose the good looking jacket.
Friday, I finish with my workout girls, shower up and get dressed. I'm ready to go and I wait a bit, out back of the gym, for Linda. She comes, I get in her car and off we go.
It's summer and a bit warm, but Linda is wearing a long coat. She glances over at me and says, “I have no idea what the girl's dressing rooms are like at the Bunny Patch, so I came dressed for action. I have a dress in the trunk.” She then opens the coat, to reveal some sort of bra that supports her tits, but doesn't cover the nipples, a garter belt, tiny lace panties, long, dark nylons and high heels. The bra, the panties and the garter belt are matching, lace items. Linda smirks, “Leaves little to the imagination, but that's what the Bunny Patch is all about.” She then closes the coat.
I want to have Linda as confident as I can, so I say, “You are looking good!”
Linda says, “I hope that I planned for everything.”
“You need to plan for car keys. You really don't want to leave your car keys in your purse and you sure as hell don't have anyplace else to put them. Give them to me, when we get there, and I'll keep 'em in my pocket, for safe keeping.”
Linda thinks for a second and says, “Yeah, that should work.”
We then drive through the hills, North of town. The route we take is a confusing, twisting one, often using unlikely side roads that seem to lead nowhere, but eventually get us back on main roads that get us over the hills and down into a little valley. There's a big neon sign that says, 'Bunny Patch.' There's also a horny looking rabbit gazing up the high heel legs of a girl.
Linda pulls into a side parking lot. She parks the car and hands me her keys and a credit card. She says, “For safe keeping only.”
“Not to worry about the keys. However, I'll need to buy at least a couple of drinks.”
Linda says, “Oh yeah, I forgot.” She then gives me $5.
We go over to the side door. Linda knocks.
A man opens the door and asks, “Name?”
Linda says, “Melody.”
The guy looks me over and asks Linda, “I'm short a bouncer tonight. Can your boyfriend do it?”
Linda says, “Really strong.”
The man looks back at me and says, “You walk down the hall and ask for Riley. He'll tell you what you need to know.”
I look over at Linda and she just nods, 'yes.' We go in. I walk down the hall until I get to two doors. One opens into a small office. I see a guy sitting there. I ask, “Riley?”
The guy eyes me and says, “That's me. Who you?”
“I'm Mike. I came here with Melody. The man said you need a bouncer.”
Riley eyes me and asks, “You look okay, you in shape?”

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