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Oil and Gas Trade 101

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Oil & Gas Trade 101 is a Book which teaches the Trade of Buying and Selling of petroleum products, crude oil and Gas internationally; the book is meant for those who are looking to join the league of Crude Oil Brokers, Brokering Crude Oil and Petroleum product sales; just like have markets business insider, We are brokers for the Buying and Selling of Crude Oil and Petroleum products.

Oil and Gas Trade 101 is written and designed to bridge the gap created by the near absence of text materials which comprehensively deals with the Down stream (refining, transportation and marketing) sector of oil and Gas industry. It has Valuable Resources for those who are saying “Where do I find a list of serious and reliable crude oil buyers selling companies.

Oil and Gas Trade 101 chapters are arranged in order of increasing proficiency; which means that the skills you acquire in one chapter, are used and developed in subsequent chapters making it easier for people to learn How to Buy & Sell Crude Oil and Gas internationally and sell for crude oil selling companies.

It is said that mental excellence is a splendid and lasting possession; List of Crude Oil Buyers Companies prefer dealing with those who have the knowledge of How to Buy & Sell Crude Oil, petroleum product and Gas.

If you are a novice or a trainee, hoping to make a career in the oil and Gas business, the knowledge you will acquire from this book will increase your oil and gas IQ AND help you to hit the ground running in your first transaction and impress future buyers or sellers; and If you are already established, it is always good to look at things with new eyes; you can compare what you know with what is written in this book.

Oil and Gas Trade 101 is available here and stores in your favorite online retails in eBook and Paperback format; and It is also available in seven different languages:
English Language: Oil and Gas Trade 101 ISBN: 9781520268118
French Language: Commerce de pétrole et de gaz 101 ISBN:9781986580328
Spanish Lenguaje: El comercio de petróleo y gas 101 ISBN:9781986755696
Hindi Language: 101 ISBN: 9780463169339
German Language : Öl- und Gashandel 101 ISBN: 9781718987814
Portuguese Language: Comércio de Petróleo e Gás 101 ISBN:9781717372697
Russian Language: 101 ISBN: 9780463441527

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