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National Security: The Background Check Option

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The issue of safety and security of human beings and properties in Nigeria has become a source of concern to every right thinking citizen. It has become a sore thumb that cannot be ignored anymore. The people have become disillusioned as dependence on only the government at all levels does not meet everybody’s expectation. All means necessary must thus be employed to stem this ugly trend.
The issue of security, though not peculiar to Nigeria alone, has become an embarrassment both for the government and for the common man on the street. People have now realised that government alone cannot at all times provide adequate safety for them and as such, individuals have resorted to self-help by procuring for themselves all manners of security apparatus.
Communities have created all forms of security outfits to keep their environs safe at night and during the day. Those who cannot afford the services of private guard are left helplessly to their fate.
The security concern that we are confronted with at the moment are plethoric. They range from Boko Haram to gun-wielding armed robbers, the high profile kidnappers, to petroleum pipeline vandals etc. Added to these are the crime perpetuated by deceitful social media users, inhuman behaviour of house helps, criminal family members and pedophiles. These crimes are so commonly committed these days that you wonder if humans have conscience at all. It is so bad that you cannot trust even the security agents for help, as they might have been infiltrated, or worst still, blended.
If we must make headways in the fight against insecurity in Nigeria, there must be a paradigm shift. We have all been clamoring for more efforts to be expended on intelligence gathering. Which is good. However, this is not enough. It is time to shift the focus of our security expectation as a people from the government alone. It is time to take up some responsibilities also. Let us leave the use of arms and ammunition in dealing with insecurity to the government and let’s take it from the hard approach to a soft and proactive platform. The government however would need to set the agenda by making the needed statements and pronouncements to set the people in motion.
One aspect we have all neglected is the knowledge of the people around us and the environment we live in. Those we live with, work with and hang around with. It will be of utmost importance if we know each other better. This will help in creating the needed awareness to galvanize the people to be conscious of their environment and the people in their community. This is the bedrock for better security in Nigeria.
This book is aimed at showcasing the idea that arms and ammunition are not enough to foster safety in our country. Background Check will help in creating the consciousness of always trying to know the next person staying/standing next to you. It is time we take the issue of Background Check more seriously. With a consistent and through proactive Background Check attitude and exercise, it will become easier for the government to make a headway in the fight against insecurity.
This book aims to discuss the option of background checks for security in Nigeria.

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