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South Pacific Tales: The Sagas and Stories

Length: 115 pages1 hour


By the seat of your pants. On a whim the decision is made to travel thousands of miles away. Fast adaptation essential, orientation for basic resources a must. Adjusting to culture quickly and casting aside fear of the known. Three travelers, leave and are reduced to one in short order. A free spirit among others roam around running into little adventures wherever he finds himself. Feel his challenges, feel his victories, his despair and loneliness, and recognition of self as he wades through interactions with fellow travelers. The South Pacific Short Series is based on real world encounters with the wonder of what is actually out there in the world and a man taken by its many surprises and situations as they arise.
Open to opportunity, looking for work, you will have to read a bit more on this to find out where the chicken plays out! A short read that will leave you wanting to travel and experience the wonder and freedom of roaming abroad with little agenda.
Included are some South Pacific Tales Favorites. A runner after picking vegetables. Random trips to a ski hill. A Random encounter hitch hiking to up the coast.

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