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Hot Times in the North Country

Length: 51 pages51 minutes


This is a rewrite of a previously published book, "Hot Times in a Cool Climate." That book has been unpublished and discarded. In this book, the author has gone to great pains to make it clear that no character in the book is younger than 19 years of age. She has also eliminated all portions of the text in which language or actions of the characters suggested that they might be underage. Finally she made sure to insert references to the actual ages of the characters in several places in the text as well as language and actions that would be assumed by readers to be the actions and language of adults 19 or over.

"Hot Times in the North Country" maintains the youthful exuberance and sexuality of the previous work without any hint that the characters might be underage. It is a sweet, happy, sexy tale with a positive attitude toward sex, not pornography. It stands in healthy contrast to much of the grim smut sold in the Erotica sections of Ebook retailers.

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