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Mystical Musings

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Here is a chapbook contains the Mystical Musings of a modern mystic. I have found my way to "God" through binaural beats, plant medicines, meditation, Christian College where I got my Bachelors Degree in Bible/Philosophy, living in a Charismatic house church and holding "free healing" signs at the boardwalk where we lay on hands, travelling in a school bus to Costa Rica, ministering in the garbage dumps in the Phillipines, dancing at Electric Forest, being married twice, skating parking garages all night in San Diego, reading (and experiencing) A Course of Love, A Course in Miracles, Conversations with God, The Way of Mastery, etc. all of which I could taste the words of divine flow down my spine, and more recently just by being (still defining every day what that means).

I have put together some of my poems here with an intergalactic portal at the end. So if your into feeling happy, while exploring the angst of losing your religion these are some reflections of being there in the corner. In the spot light. Oh no I said too much. I set it up. I am hoping to create a community of sharing in which we collectively can share our insights on what life is. God. Love. That we can discuss our experience of God and help each other through the pain that we have inherited that we can together see this world with fresh eyes and hold each other's hand, allowing the race from death to become the valley of flowers in which we are holding hands. Let's get gay, let go of preconceptions and behold the light in each other's eye. I am hoping to put out another book with all my poetry after this, and then a book with all my wild stories going through the battle field with a steady platform where I see there never was war and the shadow's are feared become angels of light.

My long term goal from this sharing is for the world to be touched by a light that has never changed by time and that this love would put a house over every orphan, heal all sickness, and reveal to each heart the perfect love that lives within. There will be a necessary unveiling, yet how exciting to undress from limiting beliefs to come into an experience of unconditional love. I'm in, and I know so many others are too. I can't love alone. That's ridiculous. I need you. Let's do this. Let's form a love community where we express our Self in whatever form feels appropriate to the individual. Let's feed the hungry all the while remembering "you who desire to do much good in this world, realize only you can be accomplished."

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