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Bury Me in Paradise: A Cornwall & Company Mystery, #3

292 pages4 hours


Book 3 in the Cornwall & Company Mystery Series....She was Margot Floyd in Newport, Rhode Island and Marigold Flowers in Lake Placid, New York. Thrown out of the Witness Protection program under suspicion of colluding with criminals to murder federal marshals, Olivia Michaud resettles in Atlanta, only to find that she's still on someone's hit list.

TV producer and thriller author Jefferson Cornwall isn't willing to take any chances with her safety, at least not until he can figure out what's really going on. He sends her to stay with retired FBI agents, hoping to keep her safe. But trouble soon follows.Snatched off the road by a couple of hired thugs, she's tossed into the back of a van for a harrowing trip down to Florida. The plan? The mastermind of a twisted scheme needs to keep her alive long enough to retrieve a fortune in laundered money in Curaçao.

Jefferson Cornwall and his security team work feverishly to rescue the damsel in distress, but they're running out of time. The minute that boat hits international waters, Olivia may be lost forever. Luckily, the plucky heroine keeps her wits about her and she's willing to do just about anything to stay alive, even if it means she has to die another death....

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