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Prescribed Care

Length: 119 pages1 hour


Surgical nurse Elijah Garrett is looking for love and thinks he found the object of his desire, sexy hunky surgeon Shane Roberts, who he is assigned to work with at the hospital. But Shane knows how desirable he is, letting Elijah know that in no uncertain terms. Too bad Elijah doesn’t realize that coffee shop worker Chase White has his eye on him. In this romantic tangle, Elijah must deal with Shane’s fiancé as well as a hospital administrator also in Shane’s line of sight. But this story is about Elijah, where all the erotic maneuvering really takes place! The up and down relationship of Elijah and his coffee shop guy will make you laugh and cry, and then leave you cheering at the end. See if love can get past bitter coffee grounds and a doctor’s prescribed care, which can land you in the hospital if you’re not careful! Another HEA erotic adult m/m romance.

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