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Martial Arts Ministry: How To Start A Martial Arts Ministry

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Martial Arts Ministry: How To Start A Martial Arts Ministry, Christian Martial Arts, Self-Defense, and Discipleship Book Series (Vol. 2)

This book may be controversial to the church establishment or even band by your local church because we expose the majority of American churches out there as “sellouts” and on the take of the government. If one of the ultimate goals for a martial arts Ministry is to disciple believers in the faith this reality has to be exposed to be successful at starting a martial arts Ministry. The man of God who has been called starting martial arts Ministry has to understand the serious nature of his responsibilities and move as the Spirit of God leads. Yet understand this, if you are speaking the truth in love as times get even darker the so-called church will turn against you your responsibility is to think for yourself and learn directly from God

“We’re all the sum of our actions – taken or not.” AJF 11:34pm 08/08/2016

Move with a sense of urgency and purpose in love – Souls are hanging in the balance right now!

In this book you will find solid information to get your martial arts ministry up and running fast with simply to follow steps to help you along the process.
Part of the Table of Contents:

Chapter 1: My Story
Chapter 2: Biblical Justification of Self-Defense
Chapter 3: What is a Martial Arts Ministry
Chapter 4: Why Start of Martial Arts Ministry
Chapter 5: Organizational Structure
Chapter 6: Leadership Structure
Chapter 7: Spiritual Structure
Chapter 8: Principles, Purpose, and Objectives
Chapter 9: Where to Teach
Chapter 10: How Much
Chapter 11: Terminology
Chapter 12: The Temple of God
Chapter 13: What Style
Chapter 14: How Often To Hold Class
Chapter 15: What’s The Best Day and Time
Chapter 16: Operational Structure
Chapter 17: Get the Word Out About Your Ministry
Chapter 18: Your Impact on the World
Chapter 19: Stand Fast
And More . . .

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God Bless

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