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Rajani Chronicles I: Stone Soldiers

Length: 299 pages4 hours



Detroit police lieutenant James Dempsey is on the verge of career burnout when he awakes aboard an alien spacecraft. He finds his life has changed, and possibly for the better.

The Rajani crew members are desperate for help, and have picked him and four other humans in a last-ditch effort to repel the Krahn Horde from their home world.

Imbued with extraordinary powers, James and his fellow humans are thrust into a new world filled with intrigue, politics, and conflict. But the Rajani have a secret, and it’s up to James and his team to decide, are they fighting for the right side?

James and the others are about to experience incredible events that will change how they think both of themselves and the universe around them. Together they face events that will alter not only their lives, but the course of the entire galaxy!

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