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A Leopard In Liverpool

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A soldier-of-fortune's break in Liverpool sours when he learns that his naive daughter became ensnared by the city’s lowlife. This is an epic fail on the part of the traffickers in flesh. Fraser McLeod is a veteran of the 1960s Congo crisis and Simba Rebellions. When you add the toxic Rhodesian bush wars you're left with a lethal humanoid, a cunning and resourceful predator. His teenage daughter’s trail has gone cold. The action heats up when vengeful MacLeod disappears into the maritime city’s social sewers. Those, whose trade is debt and death, sex and drugs know how to avoid the inquisitive. But, they are no match for a prowling marauder for whom death is no more to be feared than is birth. The soldier-of-fortune turned arms dealer has a single lead and insatiable thirst for a messy and vengeful nemesis. Based on real life experience the author’s account combines the movies Death Wish and The Wild Geese.

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