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Not Quite Leaping Puddles

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This collection of award winning poems captures the extremes, in-betweens, and sunbeams people experience—past and present, humorous and serious.

Obviously life is neither all good nor all bad—all we can do is splash from puddle to puddle. Sometimes landing in puddles is fun. Sometimes they hide sinkholes. It’s always our choice how we deal with it. Still, while we’re in mid-leap—oh, the possibilities!

From Eve winning the battle of the sexes, to Elvis resting his pelvis; from a civil war post office to social media, from survival to recovery, Barbara Blanks believes “grief is no place to linger or dwell.”

She also refuses to have a “rendezvous with death” because she doesn’t want to leave “this most amazing place.”

She “tastes poetry, crunching it like popcorn.” and pretends she knows the words to “the sound of Moses.”

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