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Visions in America III

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A preface lays out reasons for writing the visions and briefly what they entail. Chapter 1. Vision 19 comments on the first murder and why it happened. Vision 20 surmises who the 144,000 of John's Revelation are. Vision 21 talks about the Nephilim, Mt. Hermon and the Transfiguration. Vision 22 sees Ezekiel's visionary temple as meant for a pre-Christian period and not relevant to future prophecy. Vision 23 condemns nationalism, ethnic diversity in America. Vision 24 discusses ways to end the stranglehold of international finance on the world by various new technologies. Vision 25 condemns psychiatry and how to improve brain health without these quacks. The psyche is indefinable, not subject to medicine. Vision 26 offers suggestions to improve harmony in society. Vision 27: Building a temple in Jerusalem and prophecy. Vision 28: Number 27 is a bad number to end on. I speak of the benefits of the moon in calming the spirit.

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