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Dreaming About Love: Four Historical Romance Novellas

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The Navajo Medicine Woman & The Civil War Vet - A Navajo woman decides to become the mail order bride of a wounded vet, but she hasn’t told him she’s Navajo and when she arrives at the train station, she has no idea what effect her appearance has on him because he has a severe case of PTSD from the war, and what happened during it.

The English Governess Meets The Cowboy - A governess from England is hired to go out west and become the teacher to a widower’s four children, and perhaps, something much more. When she arrives the two younger girls take to her immediately but the cowboy and his two other children are a bit in shock over her appearance, even though they have seen a photo of the woman before.

A Big Surprise For The Arizona Rancher - A woman from an upper class English family decides to become a mail order bride to an Arizona rancher, but is shocked when she realizes the potentially harsh life ahead on the days-long journey to his remote ranch by oxcart; and it’s a lonely one – accompanied by his silent Native American ranch hand.

A Hard Fought Journey To Love - An English woman fallen on hard times decides to travel to America and her soon to be husband, but along the way there are many hazards including a life-changing train journey.

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