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Visions of a People's Dharma

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    There is a  tremendous amount of breathing living wisdom in each of us. Sometimes it's a matter of seeing that the wisdom is already there. Seeing triggers the growth, evolution, and reinforces awareness. I explore the applications of the Dharma teachings. This book draws on the wisdom teachings of Buddhism, Tao, and Zen. As an explorer, I find perspective and applications for everyday life. I am seeking to demystify the teachings and bring them inside so they can dwell in our hearts.every day. 

    I have been asked why I write. Essentially my goal is reducing suffering. Mine and yours. I love seeking out the wisdom teachings of the world. Nothing special, fancy, or mysterious. Just the process that can be applied to my ordinary life and it's ongoing relationships. 

    I strive to clarify perspective on belief systems, Buddha's basic teachings, seeing clearly, language, response and reaction, living without resistance, and the tools needed to live and flourish in an ever changing world. I encouarge using the core teachings that helped me start processing the basic views needed to develop a healthy relationship with life. 

Author: Bryan S. Wagner has been studying Buddhism, Zen, and Tao for several decades. He is committed to exploring the "Wisdom Teachings" and uncovering the key elements that can be applied to everyday living. 

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