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Kun DJar

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Part three in "Of a Note in a Cosmic Song".
It had seemed so easy, to return to ‘the simple life’. DJar’s criminals, adventurers, farmers and scientists had left their world in the hope of a better life, a new social order and freedom.
But that required a planet with trees for firewood and timber, good soil for the crops, strong blue rivers to use for power and clement weather, like home.
Kun DJar has none of this. The lifeforms are unspeakably strange, the storms vicious and the delicate DJar seedlings too vulnerable. The eerie fog almost seems to stalk the colonists as it sweeps about the continent.
Yet it may be the people themselves who are their own greatest enemy. With political dissent and skirmishes a constant threat, the question is not whether life can be better on Kun DJar, but whether there will be any colonists left when disaster chooses to strike.

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