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Your Amazing Itty Bitty Consulting Book

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Your Amazing Itty Bitty® Consulting Book - 15 Steps to Becoming a Successful Consultant by Norma Skolnik. Is a Consulting Career Right for You?
Consulting is currently a popular career choice for understandable reasons. But, is consulting really the right field for you? And, if so, where do you start? In this important Itty Bitty® book, consultant Norma Skolnik shares information regarding whether a consulting career is right for you, how to get started as a consultant and how to build a successful consulting business.
Where to Start: A careful examination of your own skills and interests is an excellent jumping off point. Ask yourself if you are expert enough in your own field to market your skills as a consultant. Explore the different types of consulting opportunities available in your field. Investigate steps to getting started. If you are contemplating a career as a consultant and want to know what to expect and how to improve your chance of success, pick up this helpful book today.

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