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RETIREMENT: SMART INVESTING SOLUTIONS FOR THE BUDGETING MINDSET. Keeping Finance Simple while Achieving Financial Freedom and Being Debt Free

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Historically, at the age of around 65, people stop working and embark on a new transition in life. In the grand drama of life, retirement is our second act. Out of the office and not bound by daily plans and schedules, you now have the choice to do what you want to do. What is your vision of the ideal retirement? It varies from one person to the other how they are going to spend and enjoy their golden years, but the retired life by itself is beautiful because you can customize your lifestyle.

Individually, we find different means and ways to be happy. Our happiness, for the most part, is influenced by the uniqueness of our tastes and passions as well as personal fears. Personally, do you know what retirement means? The following questions can guide you to a better understanding.

What is your attitude about retirement? How do you feel about moving into a new stage of your life? Are you excited, a bit unsure, or are you nervous? Isn't it nice to envision your future life being free from the need to work, or do you think of yourself as a "reluctant retiree"? What do you think matters most- spending most of your days taking it easy or enjoying your time doing meaningful activities? Think about your "retirement state of mind" so that you and your spouse can better prepare for your retirement years together.

Here is a Preview of What You Will Learn: 

Retirement Timing - Should I Wait?
Retirement Planning Practices to Live by
Find an income supplement
Choosing the Right Retirement Investment Plan
Deal with Your Debt Before Your Retire
Avoid These 5 Retirement Mistakes
Staking Your Retirement Property
How to Achieve Early Retirement with Financial Freedom
Where to Turn for Retirement Planning Advice

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