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Find your mate…
It happens in the dark of the night under the full moon. Wolves howl, shifters run, and unexpected love blooms. These four sensual tales of steamy shifter love show exactly what can happen when the sun goes down.

A Night with Two Mates
The planets align and the werewolves mate…

Darla Martin is scraping by as a freelancer, and the promise of a big payout has brought her to a forest in Ohio in search of werewolves. But the wintery night is cold and treacherous and she soon finds herself soaking wet and desperate for shelter.

Where she meets Storm and Jace…

It is the night of a rare Confluence, and the two men are on the edge of feral and human. When they scent Darla, they know that she is their mate, destined for both of them.

Between two alphas, Darla finds her pleasure and is changed forever.

The Mate that Got Away
Daphne Winter left home in disgrace ten years ago. And she would have stayed away, if it weren't for car trouble at exactly the wrong time.

But fate brought her back, and her mate is waiting.

Kieran Lowell never forgot Daphne, and he never stopped being faithful. But he is the alpha now, and his mate will not abandon him this time.

Daphne must fight for her place in his pack against an old enemy, or lose the man she loves for good.

Mated by Midnight
It's dangerous to be out on the night of the full moon.

Dani Parker didn't mean to. But now eager young werewolf males chase her through the streets and only the last minute help of a friend saves her from a terrible fate.

But friendship proves false and Dani finds herself locked in the basement with Hugo Rhys, the terrifyingly sexy werewolf she's had her eye on for months. The moon is calling on them to mate, and Dani doesn't want to resist the command.

Is this just one night? Or does Hugo mean it when he calls her his mate?

Forbidden Mate
Riley Donahue is on the verge of making the biggest mistake of her life: mating with a man that she neither knows nor loves. On the eve of her commitment, her best friend, Jake, makes a shocking confession that could change the course of her life forever.

Friends since the cradle, Riley and Jake don't know how to live without one another. Caught between her duty and her heart, Riley may be forced to sacrifice Jake to preserve everything that she thinks she wants.

This is a steamy novella featuring a curvy werewolf lady, her sexy best friend, and a smokin' friends to lovers tale.

Published: Kate Rudolph on
ISBN: 9781386898559
List price: $3.99
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The Mate Bundle - Kate Rudolph

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A Night with Two Mates

By Kate Rudolph

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The planets align and the werewolves mate...

Darla Martin is scraping by as a freelancer, and the promise of a big payout has brought her to a forest in Ohio in search of werewolves. But the wintery night is cold and treacherous and she soon finds herself soaking wet and desperate for shelter.

Where she meets Storm and Jace...

It is the night of a rare Confluence, and the two men are on the edge of feral and human. When they scent Darla, they know that she is their mate, destined for both of them.

Between two alphas, Darla finds her pleasure and is changed forever.

Chapter One

Darla Martin didn’t believe in werewolves. She’d heard the stories when she was a little girl. Men who turned into wolves and hunted in the night, driven to find their mates. And even as a child, she’d laughed despite her grandfather’s serious tone. It was ridiculous to believe such codswallop. It was equally ridiculous for a twenty-two year old woman to think of words like codswallop, but that was her grandfather’s fault. No supernatural explanation needed.

And if her grandfather could see her now, he would have had a few more choice words to throw in her direction. Words like poppycock and horsefeathers. It wasn’t only because she was out looking for werewolves, though that would have earned his ire.

But walking into unfamiliar woods just before dark in the winter with no supplies would have been beyond the pale.

Most days Darla missed her grandfather, but when she made moves like this she was almost relieved that he’d been dead for three years. She still missed him like crazy, he had adopted her when she was a baby and her parents died in a car accident, but she had to live her own life and couldn’t let herself stagnate simply because he wouldn’t have approved.

A part of her did question this decision, though. What exactly was her endgame? Would she be able to snap a photo of some sort of half-man, half-wolf monster? And if she did, would she be able to get her money’s worth for the picture? It was hard enough to make a living as a freelance photographer, as a paranormal freelance photographer it was nearly impossible.

Thank god for Photoshop.

But her skill with photo editing software wasn’t what had Darla traipsing through the darkening woods. No, she followed something even more despicable. Rumors.

Ohio wasn’t known for its wild wolf population. There were occasional sightings, but nothing like the reports she’d been hearing for the past week. Just after nightfall, every night someone in the nearby town saw a wolf. The reports had hit the internet quietly, blog posts by local teenagers and wildlife aficionados. If it continued, the state might send someone from Fish and Wildlife to take a look.

That wasn’t what interested Darla.

Two of the blog posts referenced a local legend about a pack of werewolves that had been killed off by settlers a hundred years before. The legend wasn’t specific. The shapeshifters might have been from a Native American tribe, or they might have been another group of Europeans. And she wouldn’t have paid it any attention, except those blogs referenced a Confluence.

It had to do with planetary alignment.

The sightings had all been leading up to tonight, the blogs alleged. The planets would align just right and the werewolf could take a mate of his own, turning her into a wolf to bear his pups and restore his pack to its former glory.

Darla didn’t buy it. But a story like that with a picture of a wolf would definitely sell an article. And while she normally just took the pictures, she’d put pen to paper when the price was right. And right now, that price was definitely right. Paranormal Daily, a blog growing in popularity, had offered her $500 for the picture and article, plus a feature on their website.

Yes, that meant she was sleeping out of her car, but if she got the money she could pay her mortgage and the electric bill. Just what she needed to start the month off right.

Darkness had fallen faster than she expected. Even just after five o’clock, it was getting hard to make out the ground beneath her feet. Her breath puffed out in front of her, the cloud of air evidence of the recent freeze. Snow covered the ground in patches and drifts. But the trail was well worn and Darla didn’t expect any problems making her way back.

She just needed one freaking picture and then she could leave.

Something gray flashed in front of her, illuminated by the bright moon overhead. It stood in a clearing, just far enough away that she couldn’t be certain if it was the wolf.

Darla pulled out her camera and approached slowly. She would scare it away with the flash, so she needed to be careful. Just as she pulled the device up to her face, the animal darted away.

Now certain that it was the wolf, Darla gave chase, sprinting after it and making all sorts of noise. She could barely make out the ground in front of her, but every time she thought she lost the animal, it showed itself again.

She knew she should be paying better attention to where she was going, but she needed that picture. She tripped on a root and went flying, her camera dropping out of her hands.

A good thing too.

She tripped down the edge of a ditch and found out that a small stream ran through this forest. The cold hadn’t been enough to freeze the water and she fell in, everything but her face submerged in the near freezing liquid.

Her scream could have woken the dead and she was sure it had scared the wolf away. She scrambled to the edge of the water, her foot tangled on a root. It took several moments for her to get free, and by the time she was, her skin was frozen and pebbled, her teeth chattering and her nipples tight against her shirt.

She stripped off her soaking jacket and threw it beside her fallen camera. She sat shivering in the woods and a hopeless thought assailed her. Her grandfather was right, she was going to end up freezing to death in the woods all because she wanted a little money and wasn’t careful enough to watch her step.

A huff of breath disturbed her misery and Darla looked up, her eyes tearing from the cold.

A gray wolf stood inches away from her, its form stock still.

Chapter Two

Jace walked the perimeter of the forest. It had been years since he'd been free to do so in his natural form and he was not as careful as he should have been. Since he was a boy, he and his siblings had been warned to stay hidden from the humans in the local village. He'd been told that they would fear him if he went among them in his fur.

Of course, he could walk down there in his human skin with no issue. The women would flock to him, eager to share his bed for the night. Eager for his touch, his seed. And he would share it, though it was empty to be alone with those women. They did not understand him truly. No one in that village was his mate.

Was their mate.

But in the last days he had been careless. The harmony of the moon rang through him, calling him out to dance under the stars. And he could not resist, his paws prancing in the fresh snow. He did not fear the hunters; he knew their tricks, he was no longer a child.

And the woods were his territory, his pack's territory. He was one of the alphas, sworn to protect this land and to protect his people.

In ages past he would have been a king, lavished with gems and silks, sitting upon a throne and enjoying the virgins tossed before him in offering. But he had not been born into that time. Instead, he was one of two alphas of a dying clan of shapeshifters, hidden away from puny humans who could not hope to understand what really went bump in the night.

Something was different about this night. The moon's call was more insistent, pounding within him, making his blood rush. He knew that if he heeded the call, he would come through a changed man, better, but completely different from who he was now.

He scented her long before he saw her, and for the first time in weeks he was disappointed that he wore fur instead of his human skin. She prickled against his skin and he wanted to throw back his head and howl, but even in these moon drunk times, he wouldn't do anything so foolish.

After long moments he finally saw her in the trees. She stood tall, a camera in hand and a scowl on her face. This woman, his woman, was proud. She would not be felled or discouraged by the woods. Standing near the trees, he could tell she was tall, her eyes would be level with his lips. And even from this distance he could make out the color through some quirk of the light. They were wide and blue and beautiful.

Her skin was pale and haunting in the night and long dark hair hung past her shoulders. It was so thick he could get lost in it for days, playing with it, letting it spread out over his bed. Oh yes, this woman would be his for many, many nights.

He led her into the forest, never letting her fall too far behind. By the time he got