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Valley of Death: Elite Response Force, #2

453 pages6 hours


Bring fugitive war criminal Chad Milton Waverley to justice or be shut down. That's the mandate facing Colonel Lonny Meyers and the Elite Response Force, and time is running out.

When a tip falls into Meyers's lap that a huge mercenary army is building up on an unoccupied planet—exactly the sort of defense that would be needed to protect Waverley—there's no other option but to commit the depleted ERF. To survive, they desperately need reinforcements and systems upgrades. Instead, the United Nations sends Priya Timkul, a Special Envoy who appears to have her own agenda. Her "assistance" only makes things worse.

And as problems and casualties mount on the mission, Meyers comes to the realization that the greatest threat to the ERF might be him.

Pick up your copy of this action-packed book today, and follow the Elite Response Force into the Valley of Death.

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