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How to Rescue a Drowning Heart

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Joel Gilliam is lost and alone. He can't go home after causing his beloved brother's death. He has exiled himself to the small seaside town of Juniper Bay where his brother was killed in a boating accident. A stranger saved Joel from the same fate, but he doesn't feel grateful. Guilt and remorse are all he can feel until he unexpectedly hears the voice of the man who saved him. Joel would know that voice anywhere. That's the voice that called him back to life.

After a relationship that ended in betrayal, Martin Carlyle has retreated to the old family house in Juniper Bay. There he encounters the young man he saved. Sinking into despair, hungry and homeless, Joel is a heartbreaking sight. Marty feels compelled to take care of him, but that's not all he feels. His desire for the vulnerable young man is growing stronger every day.

Joel experiences the same intense longing. Consumed by his attraction, Joel can't stay away from Marty. But guilt is eating him alive. Can Marty's love save him once again?

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