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Voodoo in the Streets of Savannah

294 pages4 hours


Valentina knows she's headed for trouble, again, when she stumbles across the remains of a voodoo spell, and quite possibly the scene of a murder. She’s low on patience, money and vodka, and leaving it all for the police to sort out is a pretty appealing option. Unfortunately despite one or two, or ten, bad habits Val has long considered herself one of the good guys- now she’s going to have to prove it.

The killer's haunting life winds itself around hers and she's drawn into the machinations of a madman. It's more terrifying than she had thought possible. She needs backup. The cops don’t have a clue what’s going on, they’re not equipped to deal with real life magic, and she’s forced to ignore the temptation to walk away from their close minded investigation and crappy coffee more than once. A six foot, sexy Rastafarian in training and a sweet Southern detective provide enough support that she keeps them in the loop- until the killer grabs one of her friends.

Val’s got thirty six hours to find Yosibell before all hell breaks loose, but getting her back turns out to be harder than it sounds. She uses everything she's got, calling in the favor that a homeless tarot reader owes her and charming a meeting with a Haitian mamba out of the Rasta, Omario. At the end of the day, she's still not sure it'll be enough to take down a psychopathic slayer bent on unleashing his angry Snake God. It's enough to drive a girl to drinking.

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