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The Billionaire Deal

212 pages3 hours


When Judy’s longtime crush asks her for a HUGE favor—to help him get out of a PR nightmare by pretending to be his fiancée—she can barely contain her joy.
She thinks she finally has a chance to get him to see her in a different light—as something more than his best friend’s little sister—but it soon becomes apparent her playboy crush has no plans to settle down soon, and certainly not with someone like her.
Once the storm blows over and they part ways, Judy tries to move on from the heartbreak, but Scott takes a sudden interest in her again.
After being burned once, can she trust her old crush has finally seen what’s been in front of him the whole time?
* * *
'The Billionaire Deal' is the second book in the Secrets & Deception series.
All books in the series are standalone interracial love stories, but it is best to read the series in order, beginning with 'The Billionaire Scoop,' as there are spoilers here for that one. No cliffhangers and a guaranteed HEA!

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