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A LifeTrade Wedding
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Read about the next direction of matchmaking apps – exchanging lives! A reluctant groom leaves his bride at the altar by trading places with a man who wants to be married. A series of testimonials by the wedding party shows how LifeTrade can give everyone a “happily ever after."

"A LifeTrade Wedding" is a new short story by Adam Bender, author of dystopian novels We, The Watched and Divided We Fall. This is Bender's second yarn about the life exchange service introduced in his short story, "Life Trade."

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A LifeTrade Wedding - Adam Bender

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What if a stranger took over the part of your best friend? In "Life Trade," a would-be screenwriter seeks answers after his buddy is replaced by a stranger. He discovers a matching website for people who want to trade places.

In the surreal style of Her and Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, this short story imagines a possible future for technology—a revolutionary online matchmaking service that can help an unhappy person find a fresh start in the life of someone else.

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