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A Foxtrot Through India

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The book opens with Josh and Sam camped out on the beach in Southern India, something is wrong but obviously not Josh's appetitie.
From the Book: India was hot, very hot, very bloody hot, very, very bloody hot. I was sweating like an ice block on a barbeque. I sizzled in the hot Indian sun. I felt like a doughnut about to pop up out of a vat of boiling oil. To the casual onlooker I would have looked good enough to eat, salted, savoury, succulent and slowly roasting. I lifted a large slice of papaya to my coral white teeth, I'm very proud of my teeth. I sliced through the succulently soft, sweet and dribbling, juicy flesh. I've always fancied myself as a writer hence the purple prose but really I prefer to eat, I don't prefer to eat, I love to eat, I have a passion for eating. My testosterone sees a toasted cheese and bacon sandwich and goes wild with lust and desire, 'rrrrhh look at those bacon and cheese sangas.

Reviews: 'Foxtrot Through India was magnificent. Extremely original writing which reminded me of DH Lawrence because somehow the feelings came straight off the page as if the words had some kind of independent power or memory.'

'This is a delightful story of the innocence of youth. Travelling with no responsibilities and with the skewed social views of young optimists who believe everything should be possible...'

'Josh, the main character, has an eye for the ladies and plenty of charm, but with enough naiveté and self-doubt to remain endearing. The whole thing was quite vivid and filmic, I thought, a bit like a cheerful and colourful globe-trotting kitchen-sink drama. I also really liked the use of musical references to help set the shape of what's going on. Odds on you'll find yourself humming a Bob Marley tune or two...'

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