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Ghosts and Femmes Fatales: A collection of supernatural tales

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A collection of eleven supernatural tales, rooted in history and folklore, which explore underlying human emotions such as lost love, betrayal and loneliness. Set in the atmospheric backdrop of the British landscape with its ever-changing seasons and moods, the reader travels from the wilds of Northumbria down to the Fens, and onto the picturesque settings of the Cotswolds, The Ridgeway, Wiltshire and Pembroke, where ancient history and the supernatural blend with the stories’ (mostly) contemporary settings.

Some, such as Bayard’s Leap, Moving On and Old Shuggy are loosely based on true accounts of ghosts and legends. Others such as Facing Demons and Roxy explore the inner psyche.

There is an air of menace about the stories, and a feeling that something has, or is about to happen. Add to this femmes fatales, stone circles and a small dose of black humour, and you have a compelling series of tales that are best appreciated from the solitude of your favourite armchair, when all is dark and quiet…

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