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Murder Mayhem & Madness

169 pages2 hours


A police detective found in bed with a beautiful woman who's dead is not a good look. It's at times like this you need someone with a level head who is a stickler for due procedure. Who is that level headed stickler for due procedure? It's none other than Police Sergeant Elizabeth West or just plain West, as her crazy colleagues call her. It takes all West's time and energy to keep her two superiors from fighting each other and to keep their minds on the job. She is the one little pool of sanity in a great ocean of madcap surreal nonsense.

Reviews: 'Laughter starts on page one and continues with zany, Pythonesque characters in the best Leslie Neilson tradition. This collection of hilarious, comic whodunits will appeal to those who enjoy the surreal - the plots showing mercurial twists and turns, each one crazier than the last but retaining the thoroughly enjoyable dialogue from sketch to sketch whilst enabling the reader to dip in for short periods without losing the plot or the sense of the bizarre. Highly recommended if you enjoy a good belly laugh.'

'Bursts at the seams with superb comic characters.'

'The Bigfoot books are funny, hilarious, totally irrelevant and deadly serious.'

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