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King's Destiny

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Becoming a space bride wasn't top of Fran's list, but when she needed to get away from Earth fast, it became the perfect opportunity.

Space bride Fran is not impressed with the man that claims her on the planet Rhaegos. Kobalt is devastatingly handsome, but cold and arrogant. It doesn't help that he's ruler of the planet or that he plans on sending her away once pregnant. His intentions are clear, she's to be merely a receptacle as he's expected to produce an heir. Fran has no respect or fear of him and he soon discovers her sarcastic tongue is capable of flaying a man harder than any whip. Drawn to her, He spends most of his time trying to keep her safe. She's a magnet for trouble and accident prone. However, when Fran discovers Kobalt is a dragon shifter and that Rhaegos is home of the dragons, Fran wonders what other surprise he's keeping from her.

Little does she realize that it's her own secret which is about to bring her down.

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