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Launch Your Ministry

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Launch Your Ministry - Come launch your ministry with our twins. These twins are “Fulfilling Your Ministry Calling” and “Using Your Ministry Gift” now collected together in this one complete teaching that will help you launch to new heights.

What is Your Calling? - You know that God has a purpose for your life, and a ministry for you to carry out. But how can you find out exactly what your ministry calling is?

What Gifts do You Have? - What gifts and abilities do you have that will make you more effective in ministry? Do you know what God has given you? Do you know what you will need to do some of the things you want to do? And how do you go about getting these things if you do not have them? 

No longer do you need to feel like you missed it and have to be satisfied with the gifts you have. You can rise up and carry out the ministry that truly burns in you by finding the gifts you have and learning to fullfil your ministry calling.

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