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Introduction to Unity

229 pages2 hours


Do you want to make your own 2D or 3D game? Unity is the Number One free program for building VR games. In this book, we use Unity and C# to create several games from scratch.

The first part of this book is an introduction to Unity for those who have never used it before. You learn the interface, set up scenes, and make game objects. We create a 2D game where a player shoots a bullet at a wall to trigger an explosion.

In Part Two, we create a 3D shooter game where a player enters a castle and attacks enemies. You learn how to customize the appearance and behavior of objects using C# scripts. You learn crucial concepts of coding in C# for Unity: variables, methods, input, and more.

By the end of this book, you have a 2D bullet explosion game and a 3D VR shooter game that you can show off in your portfolio.

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